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Inktober 2017

I have never done Inktober before and I had no intention of doing it this year either but so many people I knew were going to attempt it too so I gave it a shot... and I completed it! Yaaay!

What is Inktober?
It's an art challenge created by Jake Parker and the goal is to make an ink drawing every day in October. So 31 drawings. There are lots different prompt lists that people can use for inspiration (like the official Inktober one) or you can just do whatever as long as you draw something.


October FairyLoot: Villainous

I've wanted to give one of these book subscription boxes a try for a long time now but since I don't live in the UK or US the shipping costs have always put a stop to that dream (Fairyloot ended up being over 40€ with shipping). Since it was my birthday this month and the October Fairyloot sounded so good I ended up asking for it as a birthday present from my mom (thanks mom!) and it finally arrived yesterday!


Crypt of Darne (My fiance made a game!)

Last summer my fiance Akselmo participated in the Games Made Quick gamejam, during which he started working on a little roguelike game. As the name suggests the gamejam was really short but he continued working on the game over the summer and actually finished it! So yes, this is totally a "look what he made!" bragging post.

"You enter the Crypt of Darne and you're looking for a specific gem. Will you survive?"

Crypt of Darne is a free roguelike-ish dungeon delving game, where you make a character out of few race-class combinations and explore a crypt, trying to find a specific gem. You'll know it when you see it, but it is hidden deeply in the crypt. Good luck!


Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward tagged me to this Halloween creatures book tag which he also created! Pretty sure my replies won't be very halloween-y but that's just me not reading spooky things, hah.

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Fall Netflix Favorites

I decided to do something a little different since it's been a while since I posted anything. I basically live on Netflix so I figured I could list a couple of things I've been watching lately. Note that I'm in Finland so all of these might not be on Netflix in other countries, I have no idea. Usually Finland is the place with the worse selection though.


Finally Fall Book Tag

Emmie @ Tea With Mermaids tagged me to this Fall Book tag thing, so here it is! Let's get cozy and stuff since that seems to be the theme here a lot. The tag was originally created by Tall Tales on Youtube.