Valley (Video game)

A friend of mine bought me this game called Valley for Christmas and I finally got around to finishing it a few weeks ago.

It turned out to be a really fun game, if a bit short. I'm a very slow player yet I managed to finish it in only 4 hours. Basically you're an archaeologist exploring a mysterious valley that's full of weird light creatures and buildings etc. from WW2 era. You find this thing called a L.E.A.F. suit and naturally you just put it on and go running around with your new robot legs. The suit helps you explore easier and figure out what happened in the valley.


Ice Massacre (Book)

I probably just broke my reading speed record and finished a book in only three days. The book in question was Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner. It was this month's pick for a read-a-long in the Books and Tea Discord, and since a friend of mine was kind enough to buy the book for me of course I had to read it!

A mermaid’s supernatural beauty serves one purpose: to lure a sailor to his death.

The Massacre is supposed to bring peace to Eriana Kwai. Every year, the island sends its warriors to battle these hostile sea demons. Every year, the warriors fail to return. Desperate for survival, the island must decide on a new strategy. Now, the fate of Eriana Kwai lies in the hands of twenty battle-trained girls and their resistance to a mermaid’s allure.
Eighteen-year-old Meela has already lost her brother to the Massacre, and she has lived with a secret that’s haunted her since childhood. For any hope of survival, she must overcome the demons of her past and become a ruthless mermaid killer.

For the first time, Eriana Kwai’s Massacre warriors are female, and Meela must fight for her people’s freedom on the Pacific Ocean’s deadliest battleground.


Uprooted (Book)

This thing exists wow!!

Last December I participated in a Secret Santa on the Books and Tea Discord server and my lovely Santa got me Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I had been interested in it for quite a while and last month I finally got around to reading it... And oh my god I loved it so much! Enough to bother writing about it to get all my excitement out of my system lol. This isn't trying to be like a review or even make sense, so good luck dealing with my rambling!

Agnieszka loves her village, set deep in a peaceful valley. But the nearby enchanted forest casts a shadow over her home. Many have been lost to the Wood and none return unchanged. The villagers depend on an ageless wizard, the Dragon, to protect them from the forest's dark magic. However, his help comes at a terrible price. One young village woman must serve him for ten years, leaving all they value behind. Agnieszka fears her dearest friend Kasia will be picked at the next choosing, for she's everything Agnieszka is not - beautiful, graceful and brave. Yet when the Dragon comes, it's not Kasia he takes.