Renowned Explorers: International Society (Video Game)

Renowned Explorers: International Society is a fun little game I got from a Humble Bundle a few months ago. I've played through the campaign a couple of times now and the second time was actually just yesterday so I figured I'd write about the game a little bit.

The idea of the game is that you're an explorer in the 19th century looking for treasures all over the world and your goal is to become the most famous one (basically you need to get a higher score than your rival Rivaleux). You can choose your explorer crew of three from 20 different characters and they're all very different personalities so you have options for plenty of very different teams.


Mass Effect: Andromeda (Video game)

I did it. I finally finished the game I've been slightly struggling with since March. I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect games so naturally I had to get Mass Effect: Andromeda the moment it came out. Actually, since it was available in Origin Access as a trial a week before the actual launch I also did that, because that's just how excited I was. And well... Anyone who is interested enough to read this probably knows what a rough launch the game had. Bugs, weird animations, dead eyes and all that stuff internet yelled about. Personally I got lucky and actually didn't have any issues with the game during the trial and I was interested enough in the story that I didn't feel bad about buying it.


The Dark World (Book)

Hello I'm here again with another Books and Tea read-a-long book! This month was dedicated to one of our author members, S. C. Parris, because she's a lovely person and we like her a lot, so we all either picked up The Dark Word, which is the first book in her series, or continued the series if we had read the first book already. My fiancé had actually gotten The Dark World for me for Christmas but I already knew we had the read-a-long coming up so I saved it for this month. 

"Her name... is Alexandria Stone."

These are some of the last words Xavier Delacroix hears from his beloved Eleanor Black... just before she bursts into a Lycan Creature. And if this wasn't enough to rattle Xavier's brilliant mind, other Vampires - namely Dracula - are becoming elusive and speaking only in vague air about Xavier's supposedly brilliant blood. 

But with a human to find, Lycans to kill, and a World to protect, Xavier is not so sure what to believe anymore... or who.