New Game! (Anime)

Let's continue with the very anime theme from last time!

I recently stumbled on an anime called New Game! which is about a girl called Suzukaze Aoba who gets a job at a video game company after high school. It's based on a manga by Shoutarou Tokunou. Since I'm also interested in making video games I was instantly curious about this anime and it turned out to be really cute and funny. The actual game development/character design side (Aoba works in the character design team) is mostly a thing that happens in the background and the anime focuses more on the characters' silly antics, but that was fine because honestly, good luck making an interesting show about people who stare at computers all day unless they're interesting people.


Persona 5 stole my heart

I just finished this game yesterday so I just want to talk about it a lot okay? Don't worry, I'll stay away from spoilers and all that spooky stuff.

Persona 5 is something I waited for years. I was first introduced to the games around 2010 and Persona 4 is like the game that finally got me more into gaming, so Persona games are pretty close to my heart. I mean I had played games before, but I none of them had really had stories that made me care enough to stick with them until the end. Persona 4 basically had me crying over some of the things in it so I had no choice but to finish it even though things got ridiculously difficult towards the end. Persona 5 turned out to be no different and I didn't even feel bad about completely dropping Mass Effect: Andromeda after only two weeks when Persona 5 came out.


Current Obsession: Outlander

Hi, it's been a while! I've been busy with university and things so haven't really had anything to write about, but since I finished reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon a few days ago I figured now would be a good time.

So, Outlander. The story is so complex that trying to explain it shortly is super hard, but the basic idea is this: Claire Randall, a combat nurse from the 1940's, goes to Scotland with her husband and they find a stone circle. Claire touches one of the stones and ends up in the 18th century.