Renowned Explorers: International Society (Video Game)

Renowned Explorers: International Society is a fun little game I got from a Humble Bundle a few months ago. I've played through the campaign a couple of times now and the second time was actually just yesterday so I figured I'd write about the game a little bit.

The idea of the game is that you're an explorer in the 19th century looking for treasures all over the world and your goal is to become the most famous one (basically you need to get a higher score than your rival Rivaleux). You can choose your explorer crew of three from 20 different characters and they're all very different personalities so you have options for plenty of very different teams.

The first thing about the game that caught my attention was the art style, which is really nice as you can see in the picture above. It looks very much like something I'd love to make myself if I ever got the chance to do art for a video game. The animations are also super fun, and they make the already really cool combat system even more entertaining because the characters can do silly stuff like stick their tongue out to piss off the enemies etc.

Combat is also what makes the game really fun in general, because you don't always need to just kill everyone. You can choose to be either nice, mean or violent and the rewards from encounters are always different depending on your approach. You can basically win battles by charming your enemies or by making them cry. Aside from battles the game also has plenty of random situations where depending on your crew's skills the outcome can be totally different.

Sometimes the game can be totally ridiculous.
Renowned Explorers can be really quick to play through, but it has plenty of replayability. You start with only four options for leaders but all of the characters will eventually be unlocked for that if you play enough. The maps for the places you can explore are also always a little bit different, the main missions being the only exception. I've only played it in the easiest possible difficulty, so for me it's a great relaxing game and I haven't put a lot of effort into properly building my crew with all the things you can do between exploration campaigns, but the game has plenty of stuff for those who want to focus on the strategic side more (I believe one of the game modes even has permadeath, yikes).

I definitely recommend checking this game out because it's hilarious and definitely has the money's worth of stuff to do if you get into it!

Have a bit of gameplay since I made a video of it too:


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